Our Quality Control Process

Business continuity is an integral part of Qval’s internal policies and procedures. Our established policies provide an environment that prevents loss of data or project delays in the instance of a catastrophic event. Such catastrophic events include death, injury or loss of a key employee, fire or other natural events, theft or burglary, and hardware or software malfunctions.

Report and Work-paper Formats – Qval employees are trained with regard to our standard policies and procedures for preparation and documentation during an assignment. These procedures are designed so that if any employee is unable to report to work, another employee will be able to pick up the assignment and with a Managerial meeting and minimal review of the work-papers, continue the assignment. This is accomplished by very detailed documentation requirements. All work-paper files are placed in the same order using company standard terminology. One Manager and one Principal are current on the progress of each assignment at any point in time.

Qval Project Staffing – All assignments are staffed in a manner that allows continuance in the event of an absence of an employee. Each assignment has three or more employees, Research Consultant, Consultant, Manager and Principal. At any point in time, a Consultant, Manager or Principal could individually complete an assignment in the event of an absence of another employee.

Data Protection – Qval has established a secure network and backup system using the most secure 128-bit encryption methods available today. Our network security team provides a full backup each night. The backup is sent to two secure off-site data warehouses located in two different cities. In the event of a fire, flood or burglary, our data can be recovered instantly from either one of these off-site locations.