Real Estate Capital Markets

Our experience in the capital markets provides our clients with the most current information and expertise related to the physical and financial aspects of real estate.

Qval professionals have experience at all levels of securitization from origination of a single loan to the final market issuance of the bonds. We provide the market analysis, property inspection, and the financial analysis needed to provide the most informative guidance.

Qval’s experience in the capital markets and real estate can be leveraged for Loan Assesment and Valuation.

Our experience with various aspects of real estate debt includes the following:

Loan Valuation
Debt Restructuring
Loan Portfolio Diagnostics and Reporting
Customized Electronic Database Tracking Systems

Underwriting Due Diligence

Analysis of consolidation of historical operating statements
Future projections of property operating performance
Analysis of lease-up and rollover risk
Rental rate estimates
Contract Rent Analysis
Mark to market rent analysis
Debt service coverage analysis
Property specific and market rent analysis
Sensitivity analysis
Reserve and required capital costs analysis
Borrower’s financial analysis
Loan commitment recommendations
Additional due diligence through commitment and securitization
Preparation of securitization package for rating agencies